Luxury Jewelry Designer Kat Florence Acquires World's Largest Zultanite Gemstones⚡️💎

Zultanite, a Turkish rarity, is nicknamed the “chameleon gemstone” for its color changing characteristic that swings from bright kiwi and lime greens in sunlight, to warm cinnamon and delicate champagne tones in lower light. The larger the stone, the more bold its effect.

Luxury Jewelry designer Kat Florence, has just obtained an exclusive collection of the largest Zultanite gemstones in the world. After selling the world’s largest ever Zultanite (at a whopping 105 carats, and worn by Sarah Jessica Parker) at a Hong Kong auction in 2016, Kat Florence secured the top eight largest stones in the world.

Zultanite is found 4,000 feet above sea level deep in the pine forests of the Anatolian Mountains, from a single mine located in Turkey. This collection of large flawless gemstones have been saved by the mine owners since they began mining the site in 2000.

Kat Florence has crafted these spectacular stones into some incredible pieces including a 42-carat flawless pear shaped gem, worn by creative collaborator Sarah Jessica Parker, and photographed by the legendary Peter Lindbergh. Other Kat Florence Zultanite pieces will be released later this year… stay tuned!


Scroll down for additional photos and video of SJP in these gorgeous jewels...