Designer Spotlight: Julez Bryant

Julez Bryant is a San Diego based designer who's unique line of fine jewelry adds a dash of casual luxury to every day looks! Her gorgeous 14k gold pieces adorned with precious gems and diamonds are handmade right here in the USA. Read on for our exclusive Q & A with the talented designer.

Designer Julez Bryant

Designer Julez Bryant

Facets(F): You have had a successful jewelry collection for several years, what do your inspirations come from?

Julez Bryant (JB): I am inspired by my surroundings everyday—from the unfurling of a flower to the grit and grace of urban spaces—I find beauty in the details.  The influence of art and architecture, of flora and fauna, can all be seen and felt in the shapes and textures of my jewelry.  

F: What is your favorite piece from the collection and why?

JB:  It’s hard to narrow it down to a single favorite piece of jewelry in our collection, but if pressed, I’d have to choose the Extra Large Mina pendant, in rose gold with cognac diamonds.  I think it perfectly captures a beautiful balance of the rugged and the refined.  Worn on a long chain, it feels like a modern take on a vintage locket or pocket watch.  The weight of it is very appealing, and the satin finish feel good to the touch.  Lastly, the range of colors and sizes of the cognac diamonds feels like a good representation of the diversity of diamonds as they come from the earth. 

Julez Bryant Mina Pendant

Julez Bryant Mina Pendant

F: You’ve been making jewelry for a long time - can you tell us in detail one of your first memories when you knew this is what you wanted to do for a living?

JB: I knew that this was the right path for me when I realized that nothing is impossible in this industry!  The creative freedom to dream up and create absolutely anything was intoxicating, and lured me away from my corporate career.  I was spellbound by the myriad of ways that the same materials could be interpreted by different designers with imaginative and breathtaking results!

F: You’ve honed your talents in many aspects of the business, what are some of the most important things you learned?

JB: The most important lessons I’ve learned as it relates to running my own business are simple:  

  • Trust your intuition
  • Run a good business—be fair and honest, stay true to your word
  • Stay true to yourself and your unique vision—don’t get caught up in what anyone else is doing
  • Don’t grow too fast

F: Did where you grew up have an Effect on your line down the road? If so, how?

JB:   I moved a lot as a child, so I honestly feel more influenced by my travels than by my home. I am fascinated by architecture and drawn to the rhythm of urban landscapes.  That said, I’ve spent many years now in coastal Southern California and I think it’s interesting to note that our line does exceptionally well in other coastal resort communities around the world! 

F: How did you come to finally decide on your own eponymous collection?

JB: It has always felt strangely narcissistic to have named my business after myself, but it was a business-minded decision that came after a great deal of research and consideration and the realization that most significant brands with legs are eponymously named.  While Bryant is no longer my surname, it is my son’s middle name, and feels close to my heart. 

F: Please describe your aesthetic for your pieces….

JB: Our aesthetic is unique in that our pieces are both industrial and feminine and designed to be worn layered.  From the subtle to the bold, there is an infinite number of ways to layer our jewelry to create your signature look.  Both sentimental and sexy, we create talismans that are empowering to wear; a bit of luxe for every day.    

F: What kinds of metals and stones do you use in your pieces?

JB: Our collection is made primarily of 14k rose, yellow, and white gold, with a sprinkling of white, cognac, and black diamonds.  We also love to work with various colors of sapphires and the occasional semi-precious statement gem (morganite, alexandrite, tourmaline, to name a few.) 


F: With so many jewelry lines on the market, what do you want people to know about yours that makes it remarkable and unique?

JB: Our jewelry is unique for the simple fact that it is entirely made by hand, here in California.  In an age when many designers are machine manufacturing their jewelry overseas, we have stayed true to our roots and refused to outsource our production.  At Julez Bryant, we create affordable modern heirlooms, jewels that tell a story in their craftsmanship.  No two pieces are exactly alike, and every hammer stroke bears the signature of our artistry.  Our jewelry transcends both trends and time, creating a lasting legacy for our collectors.



F: What do you like to do in your free time?

JB: I love my work, so it spills over into my private life and thankfully there is a great deal of fulfilling overlap between what I am committed to doing professionally and what I take pleasure in doing in my free time.  My two children and my family are the loves of my life and time spent together with them feeds my soul.  As well, I love to travel and find it hugely inspiring for me as a designer.  I also love to sketch, and find it very relaxing and rewarding to take in my surroundings and to watch a sketch of nature, or of architecture, turn into inspiration for a new design! 


Some of The Designer's favorite local landmarks/businesses: 

  • Torrey Pines State Park
  • Downtown Encinitas
  • Cucina Enoteca restaurant in Del Mar
  • Blue Ribbon Artisanal Pizza in Encinitas


Jules Bryant jewelry can be found at the following stores, to name a few:


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