JCK Las Vegas and Couture 2015

Well it's a little late to be posting about the shows early this summer, but this summer has been a whirlwind so far! Finally launched my blog so I figured what better way to kick it off than posting about the biggest jewelry events in the industry. We had a blast at Couture/JCK show in late May/early June, and thought I'd share my thoughts on what we experienced. 

Mandalay Bay and Wynn where JCK Las Vegas and Couture Las Vegas 2015 were held

I attend the show every year as a buyer for my family's jewelry company, and every year I am dazzled by all of the talent. It's amazing to me to see how many vendors there are, and realize how many people are apart of our fabulous industry. Although the show can be overwhelming, exhausting, and just outright brain-damaing at times (in the best way), it really is such a fun and special time. I always attend the shows with my dad who is the founder/CEO of our company, and it's always a great father-daughter bonding time. 

A Diamond Guitar by Coronet Diamonds worth $2M

This Gibson SG guitar has over 400 carats of diamonds, 3.5 pounds of 18k white gold, and took 68 people and 700 days of work to complete. I asked the security guard if I could play a song on it real quick - he said yes! For 2 Million dollars. It was extremely stunning in person, and the photos just don't do it justice. This was exhibited in the main hall outside Luxury JCK. 


I was able to stop by one of the 'JCK Talks' with Patricia Field (interviewed by Marion Fasel.) She discussed her work (mainly on Sex and the City) and also did a presentation with several different looks. I really found it fascinating to hear her discuss her work and how looks come together. One of my favorite quotes I remember her saying during this session was, "Diamonds and Chucks? Absolutely." We also die for Marion Fasel's shoes! (Nicholas Kirkwood.)

'JCK Talks' - The Power of Blogging

Another great 'JCK Talks' session entitled "The Power of Blogging." This was a panel featuring some of the top fine jewelry bloggers in our industry. The panelists included: Gem Gossip, iDazzle, Adorn Mentality, and katarinaperez.com, which was moderated by Diane Warga-Arias. (jewelry activist) There were lots of great takeaways and I found them to be very inspiring women!