Earring Emergency! Quick Fixes & Replacements for Lost Earring Backs

That. Just. Happened. I was at dinner this past Saturday and was playing with my earring (as per usual) and the butterfly clasp from my diamond stud earring just popped right off and went flying, never to be seen again. This inevitably happens to us all, and actually happens to me quite frequently, which inspired me to write this feature on what to do when your lose those earring post backs.  Amazon has tons of options: It's always a good idea to have backups! You can also purchase them from your jeweler directly. See below for a couple of 14K Gold Options on Amazon, and keep reading for some tips below on how to create your own emergency rigs...


Cork - This is a great option if you happen to have a cork on hand from a wine bottle. Cut a small piece off and poke a hole in the center. The soft porous material won't damage the earring and should stay on securely until you can find a proper replacement.

Pencil Eraser -  The soft spongy material is a foolproof way to secure an earring back to get you through the day, and most likely a material you'll already have right on top of your desk! Just snip off a piece of the end to secure the earring back.

Tape - Another option using an item you probably already have at your desk: Scotch Tape. Use a small piece and fold it over 4 - 6 times to make a small square. Then, poke a hole in the center and slide the earring post through. This should stay in place until you can find another metal earring back to replace it with.