Facet Definition - What is a Facet?

What is the meaning of "Facet"?

Dictionary.com's definition of facet in terms of gemstones is the following:


1. one of the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem.


2. aspect, phase

And so...I thought this would be a the perfect name for my jewelry blog since there are so many "facets" that I love about jewelry, gemstones and this industry we have! Read on for more information about Facets...


Q: If a gemstone has a larger number of facets, does this make the gemstone more brilliant?

A: NO. The amount of facets are more reflective of the pattern of the cut of the stone, rather than the brilliance (or brightness.) Less faceted stones will have fewer larger reflections, compared to more faceted stones, which have more numerous yet small reflections. The brightness of a gemstone is not reflective of the number of facets but more in terms of the symmetry, polish and proportions.