Chanel Costume Jewelry: Classic Chanel Pearl Strand

A jewelry collection staple for life...

It was love at first sight when I saw this Chanel faux Pearl Necklace at the Chanel Boutique inside Neiman Marcus Fashion Island. I just love how classic it is, and it really is such a “country club” staple piece. It’s simple but can also be very versatile – I’ll wear it as a long draping strand, doubled up, or even as a chunky bracelet. I did however have some reservations on spending that kind of money on costume jewelry. (Especially coming from a background in fine jewelry!) If I'm being entirely honest, I really cringe at the price tag for costume jewelry when comparing it to the quality and materials used.  (The boyfriend’s jaw dropped to the floor when he later found out they were not authentic pearls – sorry darling!) My justification for the purchase (always) is the prestige of the Chanel brand and the fact that it’s just a classic and will never go out of style. After all, we can all thank Coco Chanel for being the pioneer in faux bling. Her rational behind the concept was that if women could buy affordable jewelry compared to gemstones, diamonds, and gold, they would be able to suitably accessorize every outfit. So in this case, purchasing faux pearls compared to real ones is actually a save. (Right darlin'? - He genuinely loves my logic behind how I always am able to “save” him money. :) I also figure if I take extremely good care of it - don't douse it with perfume, keep it stored properly, etc. - this is something I could have and wear forever, and even pass down to my daughter one day… am I right? Whatever, it’s Chanel! ;)


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